Captains Log - 2017

Laura, Sailor and I flew out to Moleoba on March 29th on a one way ticket, and all going well we intended to spend the next four months relaxing on board and enjoying time as a family together before getting married back in the UK in August.

Little Sailor was now 9 months old and crawling around at an alarming speed, he spent the next few weeks bouncing his little head of all manner of boat parts.

Unfortunately on our return several of Moleoba's domestic systems were not functioning.

All three of the system batteries were dead and needed to be replaced which took a couple of weeks to have them shipped to the island, in the mean time we ran the whole boat ystems from the 100ah engine start battery.

The A/C hot water tank was leaking water out of the heating element pipe down the outside casing and onto the electric feed, and shorting out the whole pontoon every time I switched it on, which made me quite unpopular with the other residents until I identified the problem.


Luckily I had a friend flying out from the UK who bought a replacement element with him which I fitted and we had hot running water again. Annoyingly I could hear the water pump re-pressurizing itself every half an hour even though we were not using the taps so I started to search for a leak in the pressurized fresh water system.

Three days later I noticed that green engine coolant was leaking out of the top of the coolant header tank which was strange as I had only half filled the tank and had not run the engine.

After I had slept, I realised this coolant overflow meant that pressurised fresh water must be being escaping from the hot water tank under pressure and being forced around the engine coolant system eventually escaping from the header tank.

This meant that I would need to replace the whole hot water tank as the coolant heat exchanger pipe is integral to the hot water tank. So I disconnected the pipes linking the engine to the water tank as a temporary fix. We would still have hot water while we were plugged into the AC Shore power but not when we were cruising and using the engine to heat the water.  

I have two fridges on Moleoba, one works from the AC shore power when we are in harbour and the other a DC fridge which runs from the system batteries while we are off shore. The DC fridge was not working, which meant no cold beer or vegetables if we went off cursing.

The gas for these fridges is now a controlled substance as is causes Ozone holes and I needed to wait until we went to Lanzarote before I could hire an engineer to refill the system.

The fridge engineer was on-board for about half an hour and the marina charged me 100e for his time! Still without cold beer what would be the point?

So I was kept busy with boat maintenance including a full engine service which I had neglected to do for a couple of years. 

These jobs took longer than usual as they had to be fitted in around little Sailor's eating, sleeping screaming, exercising schedule, but we were all enjoying our time together.

We only left the harbor twice in four weeks, once so I could go surfing to Lobos and another time to take my ex Moleoba crew member Sue and her family over to Lobos for an afternoon. 

When there was wind I took a taxi to the nearby kite surfing beach and in the afternoons when the sun was not too strong we took Sailor to the small town beach or to one of the hotel's swimming pools.



A month later I had all the systems working again and we were planning a week’s cruise up to the island of Graciosa just north of Lanzarote, unexpectedly I had a call from my agent asking if I was interested in working in Brussels for Nato?

I was offered the job two days later and asked to be in Brussels 10 days after that

We set off for Graciosa and spent a wonderful five days cruising and enjoying all the benefits of our hard work over the previous weeks.

I’ll let the video do the rest of the talking.